Things we’ve been doing: 1. Weekend trips   2. Improving 3. Cleaning 4. Sleeping We spent July 4th with some BBQ and friends. More friends than bbq thanks to the decidedly gloomy weather. Didn’t quite make it to the harbor fireworks but as it turned out, the Big Bay Bang malfunctioned into a simultaneous explosion […]

proud parent

I’m one of those owners. The really proud parent dog owner who fills up her cell phone with endless photos of her dog. Looking this way, looking that way, doing this, doing that while doing something else. Sitting on the couch, sitting on the bed, sitting on T’s belly. It’s madness. Especially when I literally […]

meet Mocha

By golly we did it. We gone done did it. Her name is Mocha. She’s a chihuahua (a deer head chihuahua in fact, one of the many things we’re learning as first time pet owners). She’s one and a half years old and we got her from my mom, who is now more preoccupied babysitting […]