Rosie the Riveter says tiny dogs can do it too!

Rosie the Riveter says tiny dogs can do it too!

Hallo!  My name is Kim, that’s me up there.  That’s also my tiny chihuahua of a dog, Mocha.  She is rarely impressed with me, so I try my best to be impressive in all that I do.

I’m currently a graduate student working toward a Masters in school counseling at the University of San Diego.  That’s been my spiel since August and I love it.  I love working with kids.  It’s exciting and fun and all around just dandy.  Not many opportunities out there right now in education but that’s the occupational hazard.  It took me a very long time to be okay with that. I skirted around the issue of pursuing education since finishing undergrad but here I am, right where I started and I can’t feel any happier or more fulfilled.  Do what you know!  All the good stuff will come along in time.

So as you can see my blog is a mish mash of everything I like and value.  My life story, my education, my dog (duh), my interests and more.  I’m trying to blog as often as possible but with full time school and work it’s getting a bit difficult.  I’ll try my best though!  I really do enjoy blogging and I hope you find some sense and use in what I have to say.


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