Earlier this year I was convinced 2012 was going to be my year. I’m not sure why but I felt so optimistic of the year going my way. Now that it is nearly over I’m starting to wonder if it did go my way. It’s hard to tell.

I was told that dragons in Chinese horoscopes are unpredictable, thereby the year of the dragon would be decidedly so. That’s easy to believe but I can’t decide whether the year went unpredictably well or unpredictably badly. Graduate school was a definite surprise. I wasn’t expecting an acceptance at USD and was already planning a different route for a career. But look how that turned out! And I certainly didn’t think I could be so happy living in a tiny house with a tiny dog but everything about my new home makes me incredibly happy. Then there are the harder parts of the year. Living with a dog is loads simpler than moving in with a hooman! Learning to share a space with someone else is difficult and I’m not sure I handled things well during the process. Relationships are hard! Every kind, too. Those shaped by romance or friendships. Even those bound by blood. I also had my fair share of those kinds of relationship problems this year. How do you work around and handle the series of unpredictable twists and turns life throws at you? Those big changes and those small. Each stringing along their own set of consequences. AGain I’m not sure if I handled things in the best possible way but I am glad I handled them. That I had the chance to at least face some of those challenges and learn from my mistakes. Perhaps that’s why I’m unsure whether I would consider 2012 a good year or a bad year. I definitely learned plenty but I also made many mistakes. All this happens every year I guess but maybe it’s because I was so sure of my good fortune that not having much really showed me how life changes so quickly. And how those changes can be oh, so unpredictable.

Expect less and gain more. I think that will be my mantra for 2013. Happy new year my friends. May it be a good one.


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