interwebz vs. school

Do you know the saying, “The world is your oyster?”  Well lately, I’m starting to feel the internet is the new oyster.  You can learn a lot from just a computer and internet connection.  You can even earn a degree by taking online classes.  But will a student in an online education setting be as motivated to gain the necessary experience as a traditional in-class student?  There’s plenty missing when you depend on a screen for the guidance of professional training.


I’ve been at my company for a little over two years and am mostly self-trained thanks to the wealth of tutorials in my field as a local SEO specialist.  But as much as I’ve learned, it’s really up to me to take on as much as I can without hitting a wall in order to learn what I need for my position.  Even though I’ve taken advantage of the quantity of information available in my field, I wouldn’t feel comfortable without the guidance of a skilled professional to add quality to my work.


I’m dedicating another two years to my graduate program.  After two years I have no doubts I’ll be prepared to handle the responsibilities of a school counselor. I’ll have the skills and knowledge to walk out in the world and immediately start working because I will have had the feedback of my professors to grow as a professional in the field.  Regardless of how much I enjoyed my time at my company, it was hard to learn on my own and to hold myself accountable to keep up with online lessons. I’m more of a traditional schooling student. In order to learn to become a professional, I need to interact with professionals. For me, the world is still my oyster.


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