Everyone’s saying it; there’s a crisp feeling in the air now. I may be living in San Diego, but I feel it too. On Tuesday I woke up at 6am to silence. Absolute, cooling silence. I took lazy, dreary eyed Mocha for a walk on our quiet streets, admiring how just a week ago 6am mornings were blistering with sunlight and a combination of sleepy sweat + drool. I like this week’s mornings way better.

I started sc(kewl) earlier this month, taking three classes on counseling theory, orientation/ethics, and a pre-practicum. It’s definitely a change so far in my schedule. I’m still working full time since my classes are in the afternoon, so I feel good about maintaining my income. What I am lacking, however, is time. I miss all my free time. Time to bake, cook, thrift, blog* and play with da Mokes. Now all I really have time for is preparation. For the next day, for the weekend, for projects. To actually buckle down and power through the next two years of school and (hopefully) an internship of some sort. What a rude awakening.

But then I think of those mornings. That wee bit of time when I’m up before anyone else in the house is. That crisp feeling. The light slowly filtering through the clouds, through the house. The calmness, the slight and sudden chill. I don’t find that rude at all, and it’s actually quite nice. Waking up and slowly falling into the cracks and crevices of routine. I don’t mind, just as long as I get those few moments in the morning. The moments that allow me to appreciate and enjoy the act of falling.

*And blog I hope to do. If you’ve been here before you will have noticed that I yet again changed my theme. Which is okay because this is way better than anything I could have done myself. Maybe it’ll encourage me to blog more. Which I hope to do.


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