I was very impressionable when I was young. As the youngest of six I tagged along to every hobby that crossed my path. I “read” prolifically because my older sister was ever the bookworm. I held onto every rock in sight after finishing a rock collection project in fourth grade. It got to the point where I wasn’t collecting anymore, but frantically grabbing rocks left and right, exclaiming “Oooo! This is a cool one!” Even though it was (sometimes) fossilized dog poop.

I’m still quite the same way but not as much. As I got older I learned the benefits of editing my interests, keeping them passive aggressive rather than full-on aggressive as I know I can be. I can’t help that I am entirely fascinated by certain things as I learn about them. Or that I sometimes go overboard in admiration that it pretty much makes a huge splash in obsession. But what I have picked up is this notion of editing. It started when I had to cut out sentences in essays for word count requirements. Going through all your ideas and deleting things took time and thought. What can I leave out? What would still make sense if omitted?

Since moving into House I replaced most of my food blog bookmarks (another one of my aggressive interests: cooking) with interior decorating blogs or DIY home improvement blogs. I scoured through other people’s homes and drew inspiration from their success. Yes, that awkward chair is quite stylish indeed! Building furniture from reclaimed wood? But of course! It didn’t take very long for me to make my way into obsessive territory. What started as wondering the internet a few times a month at work quickly turned into nearly daily web surfing (ahem…at work). All of which is okay, but now I’m eager as hell to do all those things and more! I’m piling on projects and bargain missions left and right without any idea of whether any would work for me, for my house. Do I need a credenza in my dining room or is it that Apartment Therapy article I read that made it look so good? Do I really want to hunt through Craigslist for a mid-century modern coffee table with those oh-so tapered legs or am I pleasantly content with my current cheapo Ikea Lack? I find myself maturing a little in this department, growing up so to speak so that I can admire the details and techniques of others and edit them to fit what works for me. Letting what cool things I find stand only as inspiration for my own aesthetics.


It’s a small but important lesson, staying with what feels comfortable. It’s what makes your home your home.


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