proud parent

I’m one of those owners. The really proud parent dog owner who fills up her cell phone with endless photos of her dog. Looking this way, looking that way, doing this, doing that while doing something else. Sitting on the couch, sitting on the bed, sitting on T’s belly.

so majestic

It’s madness.

Especially when I literally spent the last month worrying over every detail of Mocha’s comfort as she went through her time -of-the-every-six-months. We barricaded her to the kitchen side of House and followed her every move with 409 cleaner. It was a difficult period. Literally.

so brave

But we finally made it to her spay day this past Tuesday and that’s when it got really hard. Leaving your pooch for the whole day to get opened up and her womanly parts taken away is very stressful! I could not focus at work. I changed my desktop to pictures of her. Then I continuously sent those pictures to anyone who would give a damn (T), and feverishly waited from 3pm-4pm for the call that signaled I could pick her up. The vet ended up keeping her for an extra hour because she also got her booster shots and needed extra monitoring. Oh yeah on top of getting cut open, she got four shots! And a microchip injection! What a trooper.

my poor boop :(

Mocha has since been doing okay, though still very groggy and sleepy. The proud parent in me is as worried as ever. When will she start eating like she use to? When can she play ball again? Does she hate me? Did she want puppies? I’ve destroyed all hopes of a tiny Mocha army lineage!

No Mocha puppies ever?! Oh the humanity!

I’m being dramatic. I have turned into one of those can’t-stop-thinking-about-dog-and-always-wondering-about-what-dogs-think-even-though-they-don’t-think-like-humans people. I’m even reading up on CHI FORUMS. Though there’s hope. I have enough sanity in me to have made these decisions in the first place. I just can’t get it out of my head to not think in terms of what she wants! I find myself in these conflicting situations.

me: Getting spayed will help reduce her risk of mammary cancer!


me: The procedure is safe! She’ll be back to normal in no time.


me: She’s a dog! They don’t have concepts of family and baby-making!


me: You’re so hormonal!

Pan left and focus on T’s alarmed and confused stare. Annnnnd end scene!

My mom loves me. She’s a bit crazy, but she’s mighty proud.

I digress. What I’m trying to say is I will talk and gloat and worry about my dog for however long and however often I so choose. She’s my little Mocha girl and so friggin cute. WHO CAN NOT DEVOTE EVERY WAKING SECOND THINKING ABOUT HER!? The conflicted conversations continue….


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