meet Mocha

By golly we did it. We gone done did it.

We got ourselves a dog.

Her name is Mocha. She’s a chihuahua (a deer head chihuahua in fact, one of the many things we’re learning as first time pet owners). She’s one and a half years old and we got her from my mom, who is now more preoccupied babysitting my nephew than devoting attention to this very attention-whoring pup.

This is an awful picture, but it must be shown to the world.

Mocha has been awesome so far. My mom potty trained her so she takes her walks in the morning, in the afternoon when we get back from work and late in the evenings. She likes to play fetch with her tiny, squeaky tennis ball and chew on her rope. At night she finds comfort sleeping with old, smelly shoes which she drags to her bed from the living room, much to our amusement minus we haven’t been able to catch her in the act yet. She has also developed a good side during photo shoots.

as indicated here….

…and here.

We’re pretty surprised (and glad) with how well she handled the transition from Orange County to San Diego. I hardly visited home so we didn’t have much of a bond before making the move. She only knew me as the occasional visitor who would always sneak her treats and carry her around the restricted sections of the house. But I guess that’s enough since she absolutely loves living with T and me. I think what she loves the most, however, is the cuddling.

She’s not too fond of bathing though.

Mocha has only been with us for about a month, but I seriously can’t remember how things were without her. She has totally brightened up House with her energetic and cute self. It’s been so so fun and wonderful and it’s really hard not to spoil her to death with love and attention. But of course, who could possibly say otherwise with a face like that?

That’s what I thought.


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