I was very impressionable when I was young. As the youngest of six I tagged along to every hobby that crossed my path. I “read” prolifically because my older sister was ever the bookworm. I held onto every rock in sight after finishing a rock collection project in fourth grade. It got to the point […]

proud parent

I’m one of those owners. The really proud parent dog owner who fills up her cell phone with endless photos of her dog. Looking this way, looking that way, doing this, doing that while doing something else. Sitting on the couch, sitting on the bed, sitting on T’s belly. It’s madness. Especially when I literally […]


Have you heard of the bus monitor bullying incident? It’s a really devastating story with an amazing outcome. Over $500,000 has been raised for this incredibly patient and deserving woman! That’s a huge testament to how generous and empathic people can be in the face of truly horrible human acts. Except not all stories will […]