i lied

A while back I mentioned that I was going to community college for some extra classes. I was well en route toward that endeavor when I declined USD’s admissions offer for a masters in school counseling. All I had to do then was wait until my CC registration date to enroll in some bio and psych courses.

But then USD wrote back offering me a grant.

And then a scholarship.

And then the possibility of another scholarship.

Oh my.

It was a no brainer. I’m getting money to go to school and can build a path toward OT this way. Counseling is the underlying foundation of any type of therapy situation amiright? I think so. And it really works out since all the bio and psych classes I wanted to register for are waitlisted to max capacity. Plus, it’ll be uber nice to go to a private school that isn’t suffering from all those major budget cuts.

Class of 2014, here I come!


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