hello, i’m a craigslist-aholic

There are ups, there are downs, and then there is a ton of shopping around. So far our adventures with House have been nothing but an upward spiraling staircase of completely awesome decorating and thrifting. Where it will go only Craigslist knows. Since our arrival I barely went a day without checking the online classifieds. It’s the only thing that keeps me going at work. Like a bear in hibernation I was roused by the thought of spring time and how wonderful House would look with this couch, that rug, those tables and more. But being that we’re real people and real people are limited by real budgets, I scoured the depths of Craigslist for more affordable solutions. What we ended up with is

Please excuse the crappiness of this photo and all following photos, as they are from my phone and I am not design bloggy savvy :(

This couch. An Ikea Stockholm 3.5. I was drawn to it because of the color; I was really looking for a gray sofa. Though we were a little apprehensive at first, I couldn’t pass it up after researching the retail price online: $1300. So we bought it. For the price is right total of $200. Which included a complimentary white sofa cover courtesy of the man who was so desperate to get back some of his g’s from the couch his wife bought and he could care less about. Here’s to other people’s desperation!

top left clockwise: $20 (!!) living room rug from Craigslist; another angle of the living room rug; $40 bedroom rug from Craigslist; $20 runner from Marshalls

That rug, with companions. House is completely tiled. No dreamy hardwood floors, but no ugly brown standard rental carpet either. We can live with the tiles, especially during the summers when it gets really hot around here. Normal Heights is a bit inland, much a ways away from the glossy blue coastal beaches but not quite as hot as inland-inland where just breathing during the summer would probably cause nosebleeds. So the tiles actually work well for us, minus they’re not really my taste, but we can live with it. I’ll live with it. Thanks to the rugs.

top left clockwise: Ikea Lack $10; dining table from Craigslist $120; Target night stands from Craiglist $75

Those tables. Along with pushing us into buying the couch, desperate man also pushed us to buy his Ikea Lack coffee table for $10. What a pusher. We also got this tall, bar height dining table for a firm $120 off a Craigslister. I tried to haggle it down to $100 but the man was a dick. Such a dick that he even called me after we left (andPAID) and accused us of stealing his wallet. No, dickface, I don’t know where your wallet is. He eventually found it and let me know with an awkward text. “Again I’m sorry, I found it.” Psh, wish you sold it for $100 now huh?! I did not respond to the text. I only Craigslisted some more and found a pair of basically new night stands for $75. No attempted thievery there, just some gently used night stands originally from Target.

All major purchases were made within the first week we were moving in and all secondary purchases a close day or two following. You can imagine how often I refreshed Craigslist. We did spend a bit more than we hoped, but the quality of all our (new) furniture is sound and we’ll probably keep and take care of them for a while. Plus, you really can’t beat the deals. I mean, all those rugs for less than $100? Foh sho, mah brutha,foh sho.


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