meet House

This is House! Lovely lovely House. Though you should know House isn’t technically a house and is more a condo(minium) with house-like qualities, as noted by my unceasing excitement over our one car garage and in-unit washer/dryer. So by default of just common sense, House is House (which, by the way, just sounds a lot better than Condo). We’re number three of eight in the complex; a bottom unit with a large patio area instead of the balcony the upper units get. We have two bedrooms even though the history of the place says it’s a one bedroom. (Recent renovations perhaps? Though that’s not likely because by the looks of the floor plan, there’s no way this place would look right with just one bedroom. Some extra digging is necessary.)

We barely finished unpacking and are slowly settling into the comforts of our lovely 600 square feet of space. I don’t have any decent after pictures because Project Clean-Scrub-Disinfect-Beat-the-Shit-Out-Of-Cheap-and-Beautiful-but-Unforgivably-Dirty-Craigslist Rug hasn’t commenced yet and we’re using a Not-Worthy-For Living-Room-But-Good-Enough-For-Dining-Room-Craigslist Rug in its place. So until that gorgeously dusty rug brings everything together you’re just gonna get the ugly before photos of when we dumped our continuously multiplying mounds of shit on every square foot of the 600 within House.

Behold, the living room turned temporary bed furniture space. See that fireplace!? It’s gonna get all cozy up in hurr ya’ll. As cozy as it is allowed in pretty consistent 70 degree San Diego weather. First world probz.

Le kitchen. All stainless steel appliances save the fridge. We’ll take it! Check out that range, (as my dutifully farmer friends would pointedly call out) it’s brand new! Oh and those curtains…

Mounds and mounds of shit.

The second (guest) bedroom with a modest amount of shit before we threw up even more heaps of shit. You’d be surprised at how much two people can accumulate throughout college, such as, say, a surfboard that hasn’t seen the ocean in a couple years or a keyboard that I never knew existed. Hmm…

Our in progress painting of the master bedroom. By this time we had already finished painting over the green in the guest bedroom so we could at least use one of the bedrooms for stuff. Here’s the single photo I took of the pea green that once was:

Better? I hope so. The paint was free. I never thought I’d paint a room white (or in this case, marshmallow) but with the white tiles, any color would have looked like poo. Plus the white gives the small spaces so much more light. So yes, it’s better, no discussion!

The single solitary bathroom…where we decided to keep the dresser for a couple days. I’m quite pleased to say peeing standing up isn’t as hard as it would appear.

And of course…(cue holy music as there’s already a beam of brightly shining light)

The sensational in-unit washer/dryer. The mark of true house-hood and the end of all those frackin’ quarters! Heooo yeah! I WILL dry my clothes to its complete dryness because I won’t get ripped off a couple more dollars, thank you. Yes, it’s that big of a deal and we love it.

So there you have it, that’s House. I’m glad I finally got the chance to introduce it to the world. And hopefully I’ll get to introduce new parts of it, too, like new light fixtures to replace the current out-dated ones and nick-nacks or some type of non-invasive DIY to luxuriate the bathroom, which is as hideous as the kitchen curtains. But all in all, we’re pretty darn excited to do stuff around here, both explore the neighborhood and spruce up House. Yay, new adventures! :)


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