it’s happening

Yes, yes it did. About two weeks ago T and I found the most amazing condo in the exact neighborhood we liked in San Diego. Two bedrooms and a fantastic kitchen-full of space, light, and a decent amount of rental inadequacies, all of which were welcomed by our eagerness to find something just for ourselves.

The decision to move in together was unfortunately more complicated than necessary. Our rental hunt actually started last summer after T’s graduation, but we quickly learned you can’t predict anything in this crazed life, regardless of how much and well you plan. So the search went once, twice and (as third time charms usually go) sold! When we finally settled into our zones, employed and planning, this place conveniently came along. This wonderful beacon of sunshine with its red wall, green bedrooms and very exciting in unit washer/dryer. It was a gem, and surprisingly within our budget too! So we pounced. I believe the listing was up at 10am and we were the first people to see the place at 3 that afternoon. By the evening we had sent our applications and the next day we secured the place with a deposit.

Like most things for me, this step was a long time coming. Mostly because I was scared, nervous, and very impatient with just moving into a space to share with T. But all that time waiting was worth it because we have literally found the perfect place! I can’t say how many times I’ve made lists of how perfect this condo is for us but I have no problems making another one:

– two bedrooms
– new kitchen appliances
– Privately owned by a very nice landlord who agreed to get rid of said red wall and pay for our paint to paint said green bedrooms
– in unit washer dryer
– Spacious back patio
– Two dedicated parking spots, one of which is a garage!
– it’s within our budget
– and most importantly, pet friendly!!

So yes it’s happening and we are painting and moving and buying furniture. And living in an exciting and fun part of town with great new restaurants and fun bars, all within walking distance! So take off your shoes and welcome, I have a feeling this blog finally has a direction and is going places.


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