new directions

Alas! I return. With some news, of course. I recently took a little break from jam packing this blog with every detail of my life so that I could, well, go out and live it. And that I did. But now I return! With news. So enough of this. Drum roll please…..


I’m going back to school! Hooray, hooray, there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel that is the horrors of employment desperation. For those who are unaware, I have been a graduate for nearly two (?!) years now and have been jumping from job to job just trying things out and paying the bills. I majored in sociology as an undergrad and absolutely loved the subject. But with most all things you love, it comes at a price. That adorable puppy you saw at the pet store? You have to pick up his poop if you want him. Rich, moist tiramisu? A moment on your lips, forever on your hips! (My apologies for discussing poop and food one right after the other). Oh yeah, and studying a subject that actually keeps you awake during lectures doesn’t really offer a set career path. Which leads us to this moment. This very moment in time where months of planning, applying, and calculating has finally led me.

I’m going to (wait for it) community college! Not that anything is wrong with that in the least! Community college is such a smart and affordable route to higher education. If I could time-turner myself back to the past I would have considered going to a CC before jumping into a 4-year university. Because well, here I am, taking that path anyway, after already earning a bachelors. And why might you ask did I commit 3 (yes, 3; I was confused but at least smart enough to realize how friggin expensive tuition was) years of college only to tack on probably another 1-2 years of CC? Well, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do yet while at UCSD, so I piled on courses each quarter to get the minimum amount of credits to graduate (because that’s what you’re suppose to do in this step-by-step system to success). Since then I’ve done nothing but play and think. And by golly am I glad I did because all that time allowed me to realized what it is that I don’t want to do. I don’t want to go into technical writing, even though it pays really well and is totally low stress. I enjoy internet marketing and technology but I don’t want to stay at a job where there’s really no more room for growth. And while I absolutely LOVE hanging out and counseling kids during my volunteer hours and was literally this || close to going to grad school for a masters in school counseling, at the very bottom of my heart I knew I wouldn’t be 100% happy with that degree because I would have had a really difficult time finding a stable job in an economy where they blast education like the plague. And to be honest, I’m not 18 anymore where I can excuse myself with, “Oh I just want to learn for the sake of learning! I don’t care if I don’t make money! I love life! Live long and prosper!” The bottom line is, money is what makes the world go round and keeps the stress pimples at bay. Thusly, after long hours of pondering and deep soul searching I realized what I really want to do with my life. What I was always scared of attempting. And that’s health science. For those who are aware, here is where you’re probably saying:

What The Heoooo?!

Yes, me, I’m interested in health science. Me. The one who opted to become a soc major because psych required chem. Me. The one who aced her high school freshman bio course (and enjoyed it) only to give up a seat in AP bio for no apparent reason whatsoever. Me. A person who went through great lengths to avoid taking any single science class in all of her undergrad is now willing to tackle bio, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, human dev. and psych within (hopefully) a 1 year period. All because I am thoroughly entertained by the idea that this is my ultimate challenge and underlying interest. You see, I’ve always admired my peers who were able to excel in these classes by merely being gutsy enough to enroll. And truthfully, since about 3 years ago I got curious about entering the health therapy field. I’m a health nut; I’m into eating right, exercising and have a bucket list check-box to become a certified yoga instructor in the future. But that’s all on the side of interests; ultimately I want a career that I enjoy and that also pushes me. So one bright morning I woke up and thought, why not become an occupational therapist? Meshing together physical science with natural human emotions to help others sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. For the first time ever (and I mean EVER) I’m working toward something challenging and totally outside my comfort zone. And I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. If I learned anything from the last couple of years it’s that I need challenge in my life. Who am I to say I can’t spend another 3+ years in school? I’m friggin 23 years old for tiramisu’s sake. Learn for the sake of learning!! That’s always been my motto right?


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