my current obsession


I have been spending way too much time dwaddling at work with all sorts of research about the raising of chickens. Most prominently Beth of the pinchingly adorable Six Orange Carrots. I’ve long since dreamed of one day walking into my backyard as the proud owner of a small vegetable garden, 2-3 rough-housing puppies, and a flockful of chickens. But it wasn’t until I delved deeper into the blogosphere of sustainable living and homesteading that I realized it’s actually quite possible. In fact, I take it as an obvious sign from the great inter-workings of life that I divulged my secret obsession to one of my co-workers at the school, who just so happens to have two beautiful chickens of her own. Whaddya know.

I want to raise them as chicks

I want to build them a nice coop that won’t coop them all inside forever. T said he would help.

And I want them to roam free. As free as the wind blows. As free as the grass grows. (Lyrics not 100% reliable.)

You know it’s a serious obsession when I give up my exciting Friday night to scour the internet to learn as much as I can about backyard chickens without succumbing to the plea of temporary insanity and ordering fertile eggs online when I currently live in a tiny apartment. Oh dreams, you are so illusive. One day I will have my cheekens. One day.


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