bye bye babe

It’s been a whirlwind of a week, and the week isn’t even over yet. But won’t you look at that, the month is done. Don’t you just hate those moments? Here we are onto March and all you can do is shake your fist and say, damnnnn youuuu February (!!), why are you so short changed on days? Why can’t you be like the rest of them and make it to the 30 mark huh? Why the hoo haa about Leap Day and Leap Year and Leapity do-dah? And why isn’t Disneyland closer so I can take advantage of their 24 hour Leap Day special? It’s these moments when I wish I could stop time and snuggle into the unconditional companionship and love of carefree spirits whose adorable trappings of animal-hood render them domesticated pets of the doggie nature. I wish I had Scarlet and Sadie at my feet right now to remind me playtime is mandatory and everything else can wait. But alas, I inadvertently jinxed myself by professing my luck at having such an affordable and puppy ridden living arrangement. Because not too long after, my rent got raised and I took that as the last hint that I needed to move out. And out I moved.

It was a long time coming, my final decision to leave the townhouse that housed most of my things and my puppy friends for the last year and four months. The dread of packing my things was bad enough, but my heart ached each time I saw the pups while moving things back and forth to the car. Oh my beautiful loves. Oh you destructive attention whoring beauts. I will miss you so much.

Sadie may not realized what happened or why I devoted my last hours at the house giving them kisses and sneaking treats into their food bowls, but Scarlett surely understands. Her eyes say it all. It says she’s seen too many people come and go in the house and not enough stay around to hang out with her and now with Sadie and Chili. But perhaps all that will change and whoever takes my place will see how wonderful they are and will love them as much as they love poop-mining the yard. And if not, who says I can’t secretly come back and play another round of “try to take the treat when I’m on the other side of the window and you’re just licking glass.” I’ll really, really miss them though. I already do.


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