i’ve lost feelings for you

I deactivated Facebook. I realized one afternoon that it is the cause of all evil–all treachery and awfulness that lends itself to curious minds like myself. I’m going to focus on better and brighter things now, and if you stumbled upon my blog through Facebook then irony serves luck to you; you still have access to my inner dwellings. Not just the pretty photos I post and clever statuses I update to entertain others, but rather my real thoughts and real subjects that I’d prefer to contemplate and share.

Dear Facebook,

We’ve had nearly four years of great memories, and you served me so well when I needed more than the necessary amount of information on so-and-so from so-and-so’s party way back when. But I’m not sure I know you anymore. You’re different now with your Timeline facade and incessant journal-like diary statuses. Things aren’t the same anymore and unfortunately, I’ve lost feelings for you. Mayhaps there will be a time when we run into each other in the future and I’ll knowingly smile at all that use to be between us and be filled with true happiness for your well-being and contentment. But in the meantime, I’d like to explore other avenues to self-expression and personable communication. I hope you’ll understand.

Your Friend Always,



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