labor of love

I was very excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. And by celebrate I mean sit around and wait eagerly until February 15 so those yummy chocoheart candies go on sale for half price. I’ve always looked forward to the stomachaches of devouring too much candy too fast in years past, but I forget to mention that this year I actually have a Valentine to celebrate with. His name is T. And on top of tricking him into going to a yoga class with me whilst secretly planning a group excursion to the rock climbing gym, I made him a card.

Act 1, in which idea becomes whale

That is an outline of a whale, not a sperm with a funny fin. Thanks to the world wide interwebz, I was able to easily borrow an insanely cute idea for a Valentine’s Day card.

Act 2, in which whale comes to life and talks like a child

Do you see where I’m going here? I’m going where many women have gone before me–with pride, courage and their heads held high; I’m entering the land of ridiculously cutesy and incomprehensible girlfriend behavior. I’ve gone cheesy and doggone it, I like it.

Act 3, in which creator goes full on cheese fest

I’ll have some wine with that cheese, please. This card couldn’t get any better, or worse, depending on how you’d like to view the situation. Regardless, it’s pretty much settled; I’ve made my peace and am quite comfortable in ridiculously cutesy and incomprehensible girlfriend behavior land. I think I’ll stick around for a while.

Act 4, in which creator continues to document her progress with crappy cell phone photos

It’s funny though–working on a handmade card is something I’d jump for joy doing. T, on the other hand, needs days of convincing to start working on his. And in the end he’ll politely say thank you and put the card in a box while I’d gush and swoon to no end. That’s where the incomprehensible part comes in. There isn’t an exact science to why women would sometimes go to great lengths to lie about exercising activities or make handmade creations for loved ones. But it’s a natural tendency for some, and I’d like to nurture that side a bit more.

Act 5, in which creator embraces dark side and eats candies

It’s really just another day, nothing special. But it was day worthy of trickery, blistered fingers and cute card makery. Hope you all had a fabulously thoughtful and enjoyable Tuesday!


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