atkins got nuttin’ on me

I am a self-proclaimed defender of carbs. Widely misunderstood and wholly loved, this one food group has allowed me to explore the scrumptiousness of pastas, pizzas, sandwiches and more. After my trip to Europe I fell even deeper in love with the delicate yet assertive carbic foods, namely breads and pastries. I am forever grateful for every magical minute we had together, for it was a truly unforgettable and comatose experience.

nom nom

I don’t understand how America is home to a largely obese population when Europeans are indulging in vast amounts of fresh carbs almost daily. Not only that, but a major portion of their diet (at least what I noticed in Ceska Republika and Wien) also includes meat like sausages, bratwurst, veal, etc. No joke, they eat a ton of bread and a ton of wieners. Not much different than our steak and potatoes, no?

deconstructed hot dog a la carte

But I digress. What I’m here to say is I freaking miss the freshness of European breads and pastries. If there’s a valid debate that New York pizzas are better than pizzas from other states because of their water, then I can argue that European water trumps all else. From really cheap sandwiches at the train station to pay-per-bread baskets at fancy restaurants, the breads over in Czech Republic and Austria are magnificent. Even at 8 in the evening I can walk into a bakery, point at the last remaining baguette and crunch crunch to my pleasure. There’s something fishy going on over there with how they’re making food and feeding their population. But I won’t dig too deep. Whatever it is, it’s worth the expensive plane ticket and awkward pointing, nodding, and mumbling while ordering. I’ll gladly look like a dumb tourist for these breads.

And now, evidence of my short lived love affair with European carbs.

pastry links in Praha

My first love and Tommy

I’ll have *point* that

apple strudel in a sea of rich vanilla sauce. honestly, how do they not get fat?

plum cake and the BEST espresso evar

i am so ready for that jelly


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