year of me

Happy Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year aka Red Envelope Makin’ it Rain Holiday for Asians. It’s the year of the dragon and technically I’m a dragon if we go by Vietnamese counting, which considers the first year of life as year 1 rather than year 0, making me one year older. And something or other about my birthday being before the Lunar New Year or something else. I dunno but who cares; I’m a motherflippin’ dragon dude! Saying you’re a dragon is way cooler than saying you’re a rooster or dog. No offense.

I had to come to terms a little bit about turning 23 though. It’s not a great number, and it only gets worse from here on out. Next thing you know I’m 25, or 27 or 29 and then omg, 30. I’m being dramatic but c’mon, who gets excited about getting older after 21?

On the bright side it is the year of the dragon, hence year of me, hence my blog title for this post. I’m feeling pretty good even though I’m at a really odd age and haven’t started that whole “career” planning thing I was suppose to focus on since graduation. Ah fuck it. Party like it’s 2012!


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