kids a la carte

I volunteer at an elementary school Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. One evening a group of girls wanted to draw and color instead of playing games. Then they started drawing pictures for me.

Jada went home. so Kelly took over and drew raccoon cat

I told them I use to draw pictures for my mom all the time when I was their age. And then one day I saw a whole pile of my beautiful artwork in the trash.


the other side of Kelly’s masterpiece

Kay: Oh, now that’s just sad.
Me: Yeah, I know. I was pretty sad when I found out.
Em: My mom keeps all my pictures.
Kay: Yeah, my mom says I’m a great artist.
Me: Your moms are better than my mom.
Em: Yeah, she’s way better.

sunset party at the beach

second grade art is pretty impressive

After all the kids went home, we started cleaning up and I forgot where I left my gifted pictures. I happened to walk by the trash bin and there they were, lying defeated next to newspapers and a mesh of yarn. One of the group leaders probably threw them away by mistake. I fished them out and took them home with me.

not sure which is me, if any

I’m sure one day the pictures will find themselves in the trash again. That’s where all drawings go when kids grow up. But for now I’ll hang them up somewhere in my room where they belong. I think they’re really neat.


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