year of me

Happy Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year aka Red Envelope Makin’ it Rain Holiday for Asians. It’s the year of the dragon and technically I’m a dragon if we go by Vietnamese counting, which considers the first year of life as year 1 rather than year 0, making me one year older. And something […]

kids a la carte

I volunteer at an elementary school Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. One evening a group of girls wanted to draw and color instead of playing games. Then they started drawing pictures for me. I told them I use to draw pictures for my mom all the time when I was their age. And then one day […]

a tail of two dogs

I have a pretty sweet deal with my current rent. For a flat rate of $500 a month I get my own room, half my own restroom, access to ¬†kitchen, laundry and cable, and the company of two very loving roommates. Scarlett is about four years old and is a lab/pitbull mix. She’s the best […]