merry merry

crappy phone pic - DSL next year?

Christmas Football Sunday = Perfection

I have been waiting for this day all year! A day to recover from the many hours of shopping, gift wrapping, traveling, and eating to stay in and do abso-toot-ly nothing.

I know Americans already reserved the third Thursday of every November (not, specifically November 25, as my former CFO believed: “It falls on a Friday this year!”) to give thanks, but I felt the need to reiterate the many things I am thankful for on this glorious 70 degree Christmas Day.

I’m thankful for:

  • My crazy family. With all their problems and issues and odd preferences and clashing personalities and all. We can never spend one day with everyone under one roof, but I’m still glad they’re all just a drive away or at least a phone call away. Crazy as they may be, they’re only as crazy as we all are.
  • My lovely friends. We’re all doing our own thangs now, but I love how we can always squeeze some time in to gossip and laugh and eat. It’s great to know that regardless of how much time has passed, things will always be the same when we do manage to catch up.
  • My wonderful boyfrand. He’s a sweetie and I can gush over him for hours, but I won’t because he’s the only one with this new blog link and it might embarrass him :P
  • My underpaid and under-appreciated job. As much as I dislike the way things are run at my company, I can’t help but feel lucky that I at least have a job that lets me hang out with great people and take off as many days as necessary. Who knows, maybe things will be better next year; I’m feeling positive!

Well, it may be a late What I’m Thankful For list, but why just pick one day to express all this love and joy? For me there are at least two days in a year for such cheesiness! Merry Christmas friends, and be sure to let everyone and everything in your life know how much you treasure them.


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